Helena Ravenne – Female Empowerment

Helena Ravenne is a young and strong woman, based in Hamburg Germany. She studied design at Nuremberg’s Institute of Technology and works as freelance illustrator and designer.

She prefers a multidisciplinary practice, at the same time employing techniques ranging from hand-drawn sketches through to digital illustrations to typography. The Scandinavian simplicity and minimalism are important characteristics of her personal style and work.

We asked her to talk about the newest project about Female Empowerment. All the editions are available on www.monboy.co


IS: Who are you?

HR: I’m Helena 25 years old and an illustrator, living in Hamburg Germany. I moved from a small town in the south of Gemany to the north and Hamburg definitely has a village feel, with lovely coffee shops, the harbour and also a family atmosphere. I’m super happy here.


IS: How would you describe your artistic style?

HR: My illustrations are colorful and feminine in a minimalistic way, trying not to make my work overdone. Simply makes me happy. I give a huge importance to color, geometric shapes and plants. I like to work with a limited color palette. My work is highly influenced by my love of handmade elements and digital techniques.


IS: What is a strong woman for you?

HR: It sounds cliché but the strongest women I know is definitely my mom.
I grew up in a single mother household and she did a pretty good job.
My mothers girlfriends became part of my support system so in my life. I’m lucky to have lots of inspirational strong women.


IS: Who is/are your inspiration/s?

HR: I’m not directly influenced by any specific illustrator or artists.
My inspiration changes from day to day. I’m obsessed with interior and design. So at the moment I feel very inspired by visiting shops or botanical gardens or just take a walk or just take the time for a meditation. Also music had a huge influence on my work and  also my closest people feed me with inspirations.


IS: Do you have any role models?

HR: Back when i was taking my first steps in illustration, it was all about finding virtual mentors or role models. It’s really awesome to have someone to look up to and learn from. I am convinced that each of us has the potential of a champion. We sometimes lack the courage to discover it.
I love the sentence from Meryl Streep:
“I think the best role models for women are people who are fruitfully and confidently themselves, who bring light into the world.” —Meryl Streep


IS: Tell me about youre exhibition!

HR: The project ‘Female Empowerment’ originated from the personal desire to find female role models in illustration & design. I couldn’t believe that yet only 3% of creative directors are female. It felt like a pile of bricks fell on me, and the project was triggered. It’s a project that felt personal to me. I’ve learnt how important it is to have inspiring women to look up to, leading the way in their careers and also sharing wisdom and experience from others. We all want to be successful and that is absolutely ok, but I think women should support other womans.
So I started to illustrate over 25 brilliantly talented and strong women from Frida Kahlo to Paula Scher, Cecilia Ruiz, to personal unknown rolemodels. I also want to empower women of all shapes and sizes through my artwork.





FEDERICA DEL PROPOSTO – The summer series

L’estate non è ancora finita, o almeno così sembra, guardando la nuova serie di lavori di Federica Del Proposto, intitolata appunto “The Summer series”.

Federica è stata invitata dalla Studio Ventizeronove di Milano a partecipare alla collettiva 12×12, un progetto organizzato in collaborazione con Milano Fashion Library, che ogni mese invita quattro illustratori a reinterpretare la moda e la sua evoluzione in una decade del secolo passato.

Federica del Proposto che è stata chiamata a rappresentare, con il suo personalissimo stile, gli anni ’30, ha realizzato due illustrazioni che sono poi state esposte, tra Giugno e Luglio, alla Biblioteca della Moda di Milano.

A proposito di Summer Series, Federica spiega: “la serie, che è nata dopo aver disegnato le prime due illustrazioni, è spontaneamente diventata un progetto di ricerca personale sull’estate, i viaggi, la moda e le donne. La moda non è una tematica molto presente nei miei lavori e questo mi ha portata a variare il mio stile, affrontando in maniera innovativa, un tema per me nuovo.
Inoltre, per questa serie, non ho usato i miei strumenti di disegno abituali (matite colorate e pennarelli a punta fine),  ma ho esplorato invece la colorazione digitale.
Ogni illustrazione è volutamente studiata in due versioni: monocromatica e a colori.
Grazie a questo progetto ho scoperto nuove possibilità espressive del mio stile che finora non avevo immaginato. Posso dire che sono molto contenta dei riscontri positivi che la serie sta avendo.”

Tutte le illustrazioni di Federica Del Proposto sono pubblicate sul suo sito: