Short interview to Holly Maguire

Our first interview is dedicated to Holly Maguire, a young British illustrator.
Her work tends to have intricate detail, lots of colour and playful imagery made using gouache, pen and ink.

Illustrazione seriali:
 Where are you born and where did you grew up?

Holly Maguire: I was born and grew up in Winchester in the south of England

IS: When did you realize you wanted to work as illustrator?

HM: I decided Illustration was what I wanted to do after spending a day at my Aunties work (she is a fashion designer) when I was around 10.
I think that’s the first time I realized you could be paid to draw!

IS: What did you study at University?

HM: Illustration!

IS: When a client commission you an illustration, how do you start to work? Do you have a working method?

HM: I usually start by making a mood board on Pinterest or having a look through my books. I like to get the inspiration flowing before I start sketching ideas.

IS: Do you prefer to work on paper or do you prefer to work on digital?

HM: Personally I prefer to work on paper. I like having a separation from the computer as a spend a lot of time looking at a screen when I am dong admin work or research.
I do however find photoshop to be a saviour for fixing mistakes and cleaning up my Illustrations!

IS: How do you use colors? what kind of importance they have in your work?

HM: A lot of importance, I like to use a fairly limited palette which often mixes lots of greens and earthy colors with pops of bright and bolder shades.

IS: where do you take inspiration for you art?

HM: Everywhere! From supermarket shelves to taking a jog in the park. I also love to peruse books, pinterest and instagram to find inspiration for my work.

IS: Which are your favourite contemporary illustrators/graphic designers?

HM: I’d have to say Carson Ellis, Yelena Brysenkova and Nina Cosford. They are all hugely talented and so inspiring.

IS: I really like your blog Free Flavors, I see there are many references to illustration and graphic design from the past.
Which are your masters from the past?

HM: That’s tough! I have so many inspirations from the past but they would always include Matisse, Henri Rousseau and M.Sasek.

IS: what is the surface you mostly like to see your work on?

HM: I love seeing my work on clothing. There’s something so fun about seeing people wearing my designs! I also love working on book illustrations.

IS: Do you have a dream project? Something you hope you can realize in the future?

HM: Oooo yes! I would love to illustrate a collection of homewares one day as well as work on more books.



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